Tom Walker

QLD REG. # 5832

Education opens the mind and prepares us to make deeper connections with knowledge, people, and the world around us. 

I think Architecture has this ability too.   

At MBA, we work hard to make well researched, learner-centred, award winning educational architecture available to everyone. 

My passion for architecture stems from my desire to help people. Through my work on school projects, I have the opportunity to enhance the lives of an entire community of students, teachers, and parents.

Creating thoughtfully considered learning spaces that positively impact the user, is inspiring to me. 

And if we can leave a lasting, positive impression on people… well, what architect wouldn’t want that?  

Reflecting on my own school years, I realise they sparked a passion for knowledge and learning that still burns strong today. Doing what I do, with a team talented, like-minded professionals is a real privilige. It’s a way for me to maintain a connection to the world of learning while doing what I love.