Nickle Gomes

QLD REG. # 5431

I grew up in Fiji and have fond memories of my Dad, who was a chef, spreading out drawings for the restaurants and watching those plans come alive. I was only 10 years old and it was so exciting!

Looking back, my passion for education has come from a deep respect for my parents who moved my sister and I to Queensland for our senior high school years. Mum and Dad valued a quality education and the opportunity to go to University if we desired.

To me, architecture is about people. 

I’ve lived in and visited countries where people don’t have the opportunity or access to thrive from a solid education, and that sits in the back of my mind as I work and design environments to inspire learning.

These realisations have happened over time, and it is now that I can see the value of what we do every day.

Like my colleagues at McLellan Bush, I get great satisfaction from seeing joy on the faces of students and teachers enjoying the spaces we create.

I don’t think we’re driven by just one trend. It depends on the users and ensuring we listen and deliver what they’re comfortable with, while also respecting our values.

Architecture is about people, and making a real difference to their lives.