Madison Ducat

Director / Architect
QLD REG. # 5250

I have always had a curious mind. I question everything. I’ve never settled for half answers and consider everything down to the minute details. I do this because I believe that knowledge is powerful.

However I think the power is in sharing and not hoarding.  Our ability and willingness to transfer knowledge with others further cultivates our connections in learning and in relationships.

I have a passion for educational architecture, and I genuinely care about the spaces we create and the positive impact they have on staff and students. I guess my attitude is founded on years of working alongside talented educators, architects and consultants.

I simply love what I do. Educational architecture allows me to challenge my thinking through research and collaboration with our clients, staff and students, other educational experts, contractors, reps, peers and specialist consultants.   I am fortunate that our clients are curious learners too and enjoy collaborating and sharing to provide inspiration for our designs; connecting learning and architecture.

Schools are always future thinking.  For me, it’s delightful, refreshing and always stimulating to work with progressive thinkers.