Jacob Ward Student of Architecture

Jacob Ward

Student of Architecture

The success of a design can ultimately be measured by one question: “does it improve the lives of those who experience it”?

The answers to this question will always be broad, multifaceted, and deeply personal but I believe that only designs that have been shaped around this idea will ever truly have the power to unite these varied experiences in agreement.

I’m a firm believer that good design should be measurable. More about outcomes than aesthetics. As much about the small details as the grand gestures.

Good design is often also invisible. It’s in the small decisions that have been excruciatingly worked through. Decisions that once they are seen or experienced feel so obviously “right” that it becomes inconceivable that there was ever any other choice or that someone worked through countless options until the right balance was found.

This is the kind of design I strive for and the kind that I believe children need and deserve in their school environments.

Schools are so much more than just places to facilitate lessons, they are often one of the most pivotal environments that a person will ever experience in their entire life and research clearly shows that the tangible benefits of a well-designed school environment extends long into adult life.

I’m completely sold on the ability of schools to change lives for the better and I count it as an honour to be able to play a small part in literally shaping the world of the future for the next generation.