Those who step foot into McLellan Bush Architects believe.

They seek to excel in their speciality. You’ll find they are always pushing the boundaries; in building the first level of understanding, in design, in thought, integration, project delivery and ultimately delivering visions. They don’t only want to be ahead of the field – they want to define the field. It’s beyond doing a great job: it’s creating and delivering the future. Everything counts.

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At McLellan Bush you’re mentored, encouraged, empowered, challenged.  The benefit of our practice (a smaller speciality practice), is that you’re recognised from day one.  Your talents valued and encouraged, and those areas to be developed are supported by someone that can help, and cares to help, sitting just metres away.  Our vision is consistent and clear… to be the leading school architecture practice. These are not just words. We believe it and own it. 

If you want to make a positive impact with your skills, create and deliver inspired design for hundreds of daily occupants, build meaningful long term relationships with good people and join a team of unique individuals with a common goal of making a positive difference then we’d like to hear from you.



Career Change Candidates

We appreciate a career change creates uncertainty.  You’ll have many questions as will we.  A good fit is vital not only for you but also for our existing team and importantly our Clients.  Therefore if you’re contemplating a change we’d be pleased to have an informal chat. Be assured your privacy is respected.  Correspondence from this Careers Page can only be viewed by Paul McLellan.  Just pop a quick message through to line up an informal chat.


Experienced Graduate Candidates

Are you a masters of architecture graduate with a minimum of two years post graduate experience, have great design skills and a will to win? Do you see the creation of a new school as the creation of an entirely new community. A community that inspires and includes built form such as sports fields, stadiums, cafes, churches, childcare centres, kindergartens, performing arts centres, pools, playgrounds, centres for innovation, libraries, media rooms, pedestrian linkages, roads, parking lots, traffic signs and even… classrooms? Are you passionate about working with schools and building trusted long term relationships? If the answer is yes to these questions then we would be pleased to talk with you. Please attach your cover letter and resume to this page… it’s that easy.